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Section 2. Structure

In the first type of question, there are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentece, there are four words or phrases. You will choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Clicking on a choice darkkens the oval. After you click on Next and Confirm Answer, the next question has four underlined words or phrase that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. Clicking on an underlined word or phrase will darken it. After you click on Next and Confirm Answer, the next question will be presented.

1.  Frost occurs in valleys and on low grounds… on adjacent hills.

(A)   More frequently as

(B)   As frequently than

(C)   More frequently than

(D)   Frequently than

2. The native people of the Americas are called (A) Indians because (B) when Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1942, (C) he thought that he has reached (D) the East Indies.

3.  In the relatively (A) short history of industrial developing (B) in the United States,(C)  New York City has played (D) a vital role.

4.  When a body enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it travels….

(A)   Very rapidly

(B)   In a rapid manner

(C)   Fastly

(D)   With great speed

5.  Employers often require that candidates have not only a degree…..

(A)   But two years experience

(B)   Also two years experience

(C)   But  also two years experience

(D)   But more two years experience

6.  The salary of bus driver is much higher….

(A)   In comparison with the salary of a teacher

(B)   Than a teacher

(C)   Than that of a teacher

(D)   To compare as a teacher

7.  Farmers look forward to… every summer.

(A)   Participating in the county fairs

(B)   Participate in the county fairs

(C)   Be participating in the county fairs

(D)   Have participated in the county fairs

8.  A turtle differs from (A) all other (B) reptiles in that its body is encased in a protective shell of their (C) own.D

9.  Excavations (A) in a mound or village often reveral (B) an ancient community that had been laying (C) under later (D) reconstructions of the city

10. One of the first and ultimately (A) the most important purposeful (B) of a reservoir was to control (C) flooding (D)

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TOEFL dengan komputer atau Computer –based TOEFL (CBT)

Section 1. Listening

Question Directions – Part A

In part A of the Listening Section, you will hear short conversations b etween two people. In some of the conversations, each person speaks only once. In other conversations, one or both of the people speak more than once. Each conversation is followed by one question about it. Each queation in this part has 4 znswer choices. You should click on the best answer to each question. Answer the questionson thebasis of what is stated or implied by the speakers.

(Suara Rekaman) :

1. Woman               : Are you still studying ? it’s two o’clock in themorning.

Man                          : I know. I just can’t seem to get caught up.

Narrator                : What does the man mean ?

(A)   He should go to bed

(B)   He did not know the time

(C)   He is trying to bring his work up to date

(D)   He is not sleepy yet

2. Man                      : It’s your turn to call the names on the list if you wan to

Woman                    : I think I’ll pass this time

Narrator                 : What’s the woman going to do ?

(A)   Spend some time with the man

(B)   Make a list of the names

(C)   Pass out the names

(D)   Let someone else call the names

3. Woman                : I’m pretty sure that the deadline for application has passed

Man                           : Why don’t you let me look into it for you?

Narrator                 : What does the man mean?

(A)   The woman has missed the deadline

(B)   He will investigate the situation

(C)   The deadline has been canceled

(D)   An exception might bepossible

4. Man                     : This is the first time I’ve had to get a tutor.

Woman                   : What seems to be the problem?

Man                         : Well, I understand thelectures but I get mixed up when I try to read the book.

Narrator              : What doesthe man mean ?

(A)   The book is confusing

(B)   He is doing well in the class

(C)   The teacher is not very clear

(D)   The lectures are from the book

5. Man                   : The paper isn’t due untul next week

Woman                 : Yes, I know. But I wnted to turn it in ahead of time if that’s all right

Narrator              : What does the woman mean ?

(A)   She wants to submit her paper early

(B)   The answers on the paper are all correct

(C)   The deadline has passed for the paper

(D)   The paper is not quite finished

6. Man                   : I can’t stand this class !

Woman                 : Well, you have might as well get used to it. You have to take it in order to graduate.

Narrator              : What does the woman say about the class ?

(A)   She does not like the class

(B)   It is not a required class

(C)   She has already taken the class

(D)   The man will have to take the class

7. Woman           : How are you going to get ready for an oral final ?

Man                       : The professor said we should study alone, but the T.A said to get into a study group and quiz each other.

Narrator             : What did the T.A. suggest the students do ?

(A)   Study together

(B)   Prepare for an oral final

(C)   Review the quizzes

(D)   Take the professor’s  advice

8. Man                  : I need an advisor’s signature on my course request form. Could I make an appointment, please ?

Woman                : Oh, well, you don’tneed to make an appointment.  Just wait here.v I’ll get a pen

Narrator             : What is the woman going to do ?

(A)   Make an appointment.

(B)   Give the man a pen

(C)   Sign the form for the man

(D)   Wait for the man

9. Woman            : Thanks for reading my paper

Man                       : Sure. This copy looks good. Why don’t you just hand it in ?

Woman                : No, I’d better make one more draft.

Narrator             : What is the woman going to do ?

(A)   Revise her work

(B)   Close the window

(C)   Copy from the man

(D)   Hand in the work

10. Woman       : Your load payment is due on the first. Oh, sorry, the computer has you scheduled for the fifth.

Man                     : That’s good. That’s what I thought.

Narrator           : What had made the man assumed about the loan payment ?

(A)   The computer made an error

(B)   The payment is due on the fifth of every month.

(C)   The loan must be paid by the first of the month

(D)   The loan had already been paid in full

Question Directions –Part B (more…)

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TOEFL dengan Komputer atau Computer -based TOEFL ( CBT )

Mulai tahun 1990-an, mulai marak dijumpai penyelenggaraan ujian TOEFL yang menggunakan komputer atau Computer-based TOEFL ( CBT ). Pada dasarnya, ujian TOEFL model ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan TOEFL versi yang terdahulu yang menggunakan pensil dan kertas (PBT).

Perbedaan yang paling mencolok hanyalah pada teknis atau metode mengerjakan kelompok soal structure yang ditampilkan dengan teknis penyajian yang agak canggih melalui layar komputer. Pada kelompok soal reading atau bacaan model CBT, peserta juga dapat memilih lebih dari satu jawaban dengan cara mengeklik kata tertentu atau menambahkan suatu kalimat dalam teks bacaan. Pada kelompok soal menyimak atau Listening Comprehension juga terdapat sedikit perbedaan, yaitu terdapat soal-soal pilihan ganda dengan dua jawaban yang benar pada pilihan-pilihan yang tersedia, selain soal-soal biasa dengan 4 pilihan jawaban tentunya. Soal-soal dengan 2 pilihan jawaban yang benar ini biasanya ditandai dengan petunjuk ” Click on 2 answers.” Berikut adalah tata urutan soal- soal pada ujian TOEFL model komputer atau CBT.

1. Kelompok Pertama atau Section 1 ( Listening ) (more…)

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