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4.Writing Section


During the tests, you will write two essays. The integrated essay asks for your response to an academic reading passage and a lecture on the same topic. You may take notes as you read and listen, but notes are not graded. You use your notes to write the essay. The lecture will be spoken, but the directions and the questions will be written. You will have 20 minutes to plan, write, and essay for the integrated topic will require that you write 150-225 words.

The independent essay usually asks for your opinion about a familiar topic.  You will have 30minutes to plan, write, and revise your response. Typically, a good essay for the independent topic will require that your write 300-350 words. A clock on the screen will show you how much time you have to complete each essay.

  1. Integrated Essay : “School Organization.”

You have 20minutes to plan, write, and revise your response to a reading passage and a lecture on the sam topic. First, read the passage and take notes. Then, listen to the lecture and take notes. Finally,write your response to the writing question. Typically, a good response will require that you write 150-225 words.

Reading Passage (time : 30minutes)

Historically, school in the United States have borrowed the European system of school organization, a system that sarates students into grades by chronological age. In general, children begin formal schiiling at the age of six in what is referred to as the first grade. For the most part, the students progress though twelve grades; however, some students who do not meet minimum requirments for particular grade may be asked to repeat the year. (more…)

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3.Speaking Section


The speaking section tests your ability to communicate in English in an academic setting. During the test, you will be presented with 6 speaking questions. The questions ask for a response to a single question, a conversation , a talk, or a lecture. You may take notes as you listen, but notes are not graded. You may use your notes to answer the questions. Some of the questions ask for a response to a reading passage and a talk or lecture. The reading passage and the questions are written, but most of the directions will be spoken.

Your speaking will be evaluated on both the fluency of the language and the accuracy of the content. You will have 15-20 seconds to prepareand 45-60 seconds to respond to each question. Typically, a good response will require all of the response time but the answer will be complete by the end of the response time. The time for the speaking section is about 20 minutes. A clock on toprepare your answer and how much time you have to record it.

1. Independent Speaking Question

Describe an ideal Marriage Partner. What qualities do you think are most important for a husband or wife ? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choices.

2. Integrated Speaking Question : “ Meal Plan”


Change in Meal Plans

Residence hall students are no longer required to purchase seven-day meal plans. Now two meal plan options will be offered. The tradition seven-day plan will still be available, including three meals every day at a cost of $168 per month. In addition, a five-day plan willl be offered, including three meal Monday-Friday at a cost of $120 per month. Students who elect to use the five-day plan may purchase meals on the weekend at three dollars per meal. The food court in the College Union provides several fast-food alternatives. In addition to burgers and pizza, chinese food, Mexican food, and a salad bar are also available. (more…)

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TOEFL dengan Internet atau Internet –based TOEFL (IBT)

TOEFL dengan Internet atau Internet-based TOEFL (IBT), yang juga di sebut Next Generation TOEFL atau NGT mempunyai urutan kelompok soal yang berbeda dari TOEFL versi-versi sebelumnya, yakni :

(1)    Reading Section

(2)    Listening Section

(3)    Speaking Section

(4)    Writing Section

Kelompok Reading terdiri dari 4 hingga 5teks bacaan yang masing-masing cukup panjang yaitu antara 600 sampai 700 kata. Seperti contoh-contoh soal TOEFL yang lainnya, kelompok soal TOEDFL IBT ini juga hanya menyajikan sebagian dari kelompok-kelompok soal yang tidak selengkap sebagaimana yang terdapat dalam tes TOEFL sebenarnya.

  1. Reading Section


The reading section tests your ability to understand reading passage like those in college texbooks. The passage areabout 700 word in length. After  each passage, you will answer 12-14 question about it. Most questions areworth more than I point.

You will have 60 minutes to read all of the passage and answer the questions. You may take notes while you read, but notes are not graded. You may use your notes toanswer the questions. Some passage may include a word or phrase to see a glossary definition or explanation.

Choose the best answer for multiple-choice questions. Follow the directions on the page or no the screen for computer-assisted questions. Click on back to return to the previous questions, You may return to previous question for all of the passages in the same reading part, but after you go to next part, You will not be able to return to passage in a previous part. Be sure that you have answered all of the questions for the passages in each part before you click on next at the end of the passage to move to the next part. You have answered and the questions you have not answered in each part. From this screen, you can return to the question you want to answer in the part that is open. A clock on the screen will show you how much time to have to complete the Reading Section. (more…)

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