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Question Word

Question Word

Kata-kata yang dimulai dengan wb-dan how dapat berfungsi sebagai kata tanya (question word) dan sebagai kata ganti penghubung (relative pronoun).

Contoh penggunaan kata tanya dengan wb-dan how :

  1. What is the boy’s favourite song ? (what = apa)
  2. What did you see last night? (What = apa yang)
  3. Who are your parents ? (who=siapa, sebagai objek)
  4. Whom did you call this morning? (whom = siapa, sebagai objek)
  5. Whose dictionary is this ? (whose = milik siapa)
  6. Which bag is yours ? (which = yang mana)
  7. When will she come here ? (when =kapan)
  8. Where do they live ? (where =dimana)
  9. Why do you look so happy? (why = mengapa, kenapa)
  10. How was he yesterday ? (how = bagaimana)
  11. How did they come here ? ( how = bagaimana)
  12. How many people were in the street ? (how many = berapa)
  13. How much money will you need ? ( how much = berapa)
  14. How long will they be in Singapore ? (how long = beraa lama )

Kata how much yang diikuti kata benda tak dapat dihitung artinya “berapa”. Tapi jika diikuti benda yang dapat dihitung artinya “berapakah harganya”.

Contoh :

How much oil do you still have ?

How much is the nice watch ?

Catatan : Kata-kata berikut termasuk kata benda yang tak dapat di hitung (uncountable noun) :

Sand                      Physics                 money                  homework

Soap                      mathematics      measles               economics

Air                          politics                  food                      meat

News                    information

(Pyle, 1995 : 45)

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